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Thanks to an individual-centred approach and our group of experts, CBLS is involved in many projects of different scopes, from individual to provincial to national.

Blog: The origin of CBLS

Discover the history of CBLS from the beginning.

Project: The LSQ lexicon

For better accessibility to LSQ for the Deaf students of Quebec.

Product: Professional development for LSQ interpreters

The new platform for LSQ interpreters is being developed and will be launched in May 2020.

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About us

CBLS offers a range of consulting services to support institutions, corporations, organizations and individuals in meeting their accessibility objectives for people who are Deaf or hard of hearing, including innovations for service offerings, service networks and the development of various unique programs adapted to their context. CBLS has a team of devoted experts who know how to meet the specific linguistic accessibility needs of each client, whether in the private or public sector.

We have the services you need

With a versatile, dynamic team, we are ready and available to meet your unique needs.


Thanks to our team of experienced researchers, trainers and experts, we offer a range of consultation services, from feasibility studies to strategic planning and linguistic consultation services for sign languages.

Research and development

Led by our team of devoted researchers, we offer research and development services, including the creation of an LSQ proficiency evaluation system.

Writing and linguistic revision

With our strong team of versatile language professionals, we offer writing, transcription and linguistic revision services in French and English.


Leveraging the strengths of our experienced trainers, we are creating interpretation training programs that are tailored to clients’ needs.

Discover our products

LSQ courses

LSQ courses are being developed and will be offered to the general public starting in fall 2020. Keep an eye on our social media for more information.


Our new LSQ proficiency evaluation system, ÉvaLSQ, will be launched in late summer 2020 and will be available to all those who want to know their LSQ proficiency and set learning or development goals.

Professional development for LSQ interpreters

Intended for LSQ interpreters who are always looking for professional development and continued learning opportunities, this service component will be available online in May.

Thanks to our team members who are working to improve accessibility, one of the values I hold closest to my heart, I feel inspired to do great things!

Individual work may win a match, but it’s teamwork and collective knowledge that win the World Cup.” — Aimé Jacquet, French former international soccer player and coach

Audrey Beauchamp
Marketing coordinator

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