The Deaf Ottawans Equals in Every Respect Awareness Campaign: A Year Later

The goal of this campaign was to promote this community, which is often overlooked and is in fact a Deaf minority within a Francophone minority in Ottawa. As with all languages, LSQ does not stand on its own. It is an integral part of a culture, a community, a history and traditions. Understanding the uniqueness of Franco-Ottawan Deaf people comes down to understanding and fully grasping their history, as well as the importance of historic sites that have profoundly transformed their lives and their language. 

Deaf Culture 

You have probably heard that Deaf people don’t like to be referred to as people with disabilities and that they don’t consider themselves primarily as having a “handicap” or a “disability”, or as people “suffering” from “deafness”. But why? What exactly makes deaf people different? The answer has to do with culture and identity.

Why Learn a Sign Language With a Qualified Deaf Instructor?

Thinking about signing up for a sign language course? Since it is a significant investment of time and money, it’s always a good idea to choose your trainer wisely and to be sure that they are a qualified, Deaf native signer.  

LSQ Courses: An Innovative, Modern Approach Designed by CBLS

Eager to provide optimal opportunities for learning LSQ and to be your ally in the development of your LSQ skills, CBLS is leading the way by offering online LSQ courses while embracing a modern, innovative educational philosophy.   

EvaLSQ: A Decision-Making and Innovative Tool

Do you want to hire a French to LSQ interpreter or are you thinking of recruiting special education technicians to work with Deaf children, but aren’t sure if the candidates’ LSQ proficiency is high enough for the job? EvaLSQ is what you need.

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Télé-Québec en classe in LSQ

If there’s one project that will be remembered for years to come, it’s Télé-Québec en classe, one of the greatest achievements by the Deaf community, for the Deaf community.

From dreams to reality: the origins of CB Linguistic Services

In the fall of 2016, while I was on the long search for my niche, the one that would be at the heart of the company

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