Projects with Canadian Hearing Services

Feasibility Study on Expanding LSQ Interpretation Services in Ontario (2020)

In collaboration with Canadian Hearing Services (CHS) and Dr. Debra Russell from DLR Consulting, CBLS was contracted to conduct a feasibility study and a gap analysis for the expansion of LSQ Interpretation Services in Ontario.


Development of five online training modules for French-LSQ interpreters (2021)

Again in collaboration with CHS, CBLS was then mandated to develop five online training modules designed to meet the French-LSQ interpreters’ professional development needs. These modules covered various topics such as French-LSQ interlinguistic translation process, the use of referential signing space, rhetoric constructions, vicarious trauma, and applications of the think aloud protocol.


LSQ Interpreting Skills Development Project (2022)

CBLS was also mandated to conduct the hiring of LSQ interpreters, as well as to evaluate and design professional development resources to support CHS in the delivery of their LSQ interpretation services.