Canadian Deaf Sports Association (CDSA)

Sport safety

CBLS conducted a study on sport safety for Deaf and hard of hearing athletes. The main goal of the project was to examine the experiences of those athletes with respect to sport safety, as well as the role of the CDSA, particularly regarding the different forms of maltreatment. Following the study, awareness video segments were created to promote safe sport for Deaf and hard of hearing athletes. To view the study and watch the videos, click here.



Concussions – Phases 1 and 2

The Canadian Deaf Sports Association mandated CBLS to develop a policy and a protocol on concussions, specifically in the areas of awareness, prevention, detection, surveillance and management. The project also included the creation of video segments (accessible in four (4) languages) about the dangers of concussions, and the provision of a training to ASSC staff members. Our team of experts then worked in collaboration with a consultative committee, which included Deaf and hard of hearing athletes as well as members of the CDSA medical staff. At the end of the project, recommendations related to the management of concussions were provided to the association.

To watch the videos, click here.

Launched in November 2021, phase II of the project involves implementing some of the recommendations, including a systematic process for documenting medical history, a monitoring system, as well as a training for Deaf and hard of hearing athletes.



Gender Equity

In keeping with Sport Canada’s recommended measures on sport safety, the CDSA has mandated CBLS to develop a gender equity policy and promote greater representation of Deaf and hard of hearing women in sport and their inclusion on the Board of Directors. To learn more, click here.



Independent Third Party

Since 2018, Sport Canada asks national sport organizations to further strengthen their sport safety policies. In order to meet these requirements, the CDSA has mandated CBLS to set up an independent third party for the organization’s community members. The goal was to address allegations of harassment, abuse and discrimination, and to educate and inform all athletes and members of the association about their rights and the new policies. To learn more about the mandate and the responsibilities of the independent third party, click here.




CBLS is pleased to have worked with the CDSA on a special project to develop a new diversity and inclusion policy. The first step focused on researching the issues and problems faced by Deaf IBPOC* and LGBTQIA2S+** in the world of sport, which resulted in interviews with several athletes. Based on this, recommendations were then developed in collaboration with the CDSA to implement the new policy. CBLS is looking forward to the continued growth of Deaf Sports in Canada! To learn more about this, click here.

*IBPOC =  Indigenous, Black, and People of Colour
** LGBTQIA2S+ = Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer / Questioning, Intersex, Asexual, Two-Spirits, and more.