CBLS offers a range of linguistic services related to sign language and accessibility for Deaf and hard of hearing people.

We innovate with you.

Whatever your ideas or ambitions might be, our versatile and dynamic team is readily available to meet your unique needs in the sign language and accessibility fields.

At CB Linguistic Services (CBLS), everything is possible!


With our team of Deaf and qualified LSQ tutors, we offer online LSQ courses (group, private or corporate courses), an LSQ skills assessment (ÉvaLSQ) and professional development training.


Thanks to our team of linguistic researchers, instructors and experts, we offer a range of research, development and consultation services, from feasibility studies to personalized training according to the accessibility expectations of our clients, as well as sign language linguistics consulting services.


Our team of language experts are at your service, offering translation, writing, transcription and linguistic revision services in four languages: French, English, Quebec Sign Language (LSQ) and American Sign Language (ASL).

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Quebec Sign Language (LSQ) courses

Whether you want to learn Quebec Sign Language (LSQ) for fun, as part of your job, to improve your skills in better conditions or to better understand deaf culture, you’ve come to the right place. We have everything you need to meet your needs and will be proud to be your ally in developing your LSQ skills.


CBLS has the expertise to conduct research and feasibility studies on topics related to sign language linguistics, accessibility, Deaf culture and interpretating.


With accessibility in mind, high-quality translation services are offered in four languages, whether from sign languages (LSQ or ASL) into written languages (French or English), or vice versa, from written into sign languages. We also offer revision services and subtitling in sign language for your videos or visual descriptions for people with vision impairments. We are here to advise you on accessibility and point you in the right direction.

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LSQ skills assessment (EvaLSQ)

The fruit of close collaboration between CB Linguistic Services (CBLS), the Research Group on LSQ and Deaf bilingualism at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM), and the Ontario Ministry of Education, this tool will allow participants to discover their level of proficiency in LSQ and thus set learning or development objectives.


With the help of its team of dedicated researchers, we offer development services, including the creation of an LSQ skills assessment system, the development of sign language lexicons and several projects related to linguistics or even accessibility for Deaf and hard of hearing people.


CBLS offers writing services for your grant requests, activity reports and much more. Entrusting us with your project will give you peace of mind about the writing quality of the documents to be delivered. CBLS is here for you!

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CBLS offers a range of linguistic services related to sign language and accessibility for Deaf and hard of hearing people.


CBLS offers an array of consulting services for Deaf and hard of hearing people to help them overcome accessibility challenges. Our dedicated team of experts will be sure to meet your specific linguistic accessibility needs.

Linguistic revision

CBLS provides linguistic revision services for various types of documents (curriculum vitae, reports, emails, letters, textual content of your website, etc.). With our team of revisers, your documents will be written in the style you want. Our linguistic revision services are aimed at individuals as well as businesses and non-profit organizations.